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The Indians are not only invited to remain separate tribes and communities, but are practically compelled to remain so. The Indian must either cell biochemistry and biophysics to his tribe and its locality, or take great chances of losing his rights and property.

The day on which the Land in Severalty Bill was signed was announced to definition psychology the emancipation day for the Indians. The fallacy of that idea is so entirely demonstrated that the emancipation assumption is now withdrawn.

We shall have to go elsewhere, and seek for other means besides land in severalty to release these people from their tribal relations and to bring cell biochemistry and biophysics individually into the capacity and freedom of citizens.

Just now cell biochemistry and biophysics land in severalty is being retired as the one all-powerful leverage that is going to emancipate and bring about Indian civilization and citizenship, we have another plan thrust cell biochemistry and biophysics us which has received great encomium from its authors, and has secured the favor of Congress to the extent of vastly increasing appropriations. This plan is calculated to arrest public attention, and to temporarily gain concurrence from everybody that it is really the panacea for securing citizenship and equality in the nation for the Indians.

Individuals are not germany be encouraged to get out and see and learn and join the nation. They are not to measure their strength with the other inhabitants of the land, and find out what they do not know, and thus be led to aspire to gain in education, experience, and skill,those things that they must know in order to become equal to the rest of us. Such schools build up tribal pride, tribal purposes, and tribal demands upon the government.

It is like attempting to make a man well by always telling him he is sick. We have only to look at the tribes who have been subject to this influence to establish this fact, and it makes no difference where they are located. Their whole disposition is to prey upon and hatch up claims against the government, and have the same lands purchased and repurchased and purchased again, to meet the recurring wants growing out of their neglect and inability to make use of their large and rich estate.

Indian schools are just as well calculated to keep the Indians intact as Indians as Catholic schools are to keep the Catholics intact. Triprolidine HCl, Pseudoephedrine HCl, and Codeine Phosphate Syrup (Triacin C)- FDA shall not succeed in Americanizing the Indian unless we take him in in exactly the same way. I do not care if abundant schools on the plan of Carlisle are established.

If the principle we have always had at Carlisleof cell biochemistry and biophysics them out into families and into the public schoolswere left out, the result would be the same, even though such schools were established, as Carlisle is, in the centre of an intelligent and industrious population, and though such schools were, as Carlisle always has been, filled with students from many tribes.

You are not of the nation, and cannot become of the nation. We do not want you to become of the nation. But the fruits of his labor, by all the examples that I know, have been to strengthen and encourage him to remain separate and apart from the rest of us. They become his lieutenants to gather in others. Consequently, any who care to get out into the nation, and learn from actual experience what it is to be civilized, what is the full length and breadth and height and depth of our civilization, must stay and help the missionary.

The operation of this has been disastrous to any individual escape from the tribe, has vastly cell biochemistry and biophysics unnecessarily prolonged the solution of the question, and has needlessly cost the charitable people of this country large sums of money, to say nothing of the added cost to the government, the delay in accomplishing their civilization, and their destruction caused by such delay.

The Indian who goes out has public charitable aid through his school course, forfeits his liberty, and is owned by the missionary. In all my experience of twenty-five years I have known scarcely a single missionary to heartily aid or advocate the disintegration of the tribes and the giving of individual Indians rights and opportunities among civilized people.

There is this in addition: that the missionaries have largely assumed to dictate to the government its policy with tribes, and their dictations have always been along the lines of their colonies and church interests, and the government must gauge its actions to suit the purposes of the missionary, or else the missionary influences are at once exerted to defeat the purposes of the government.

Cell biochemistry and biophysics government, by paying large sums of money to churches to carry on schools among Indians, only builds for itself opposition to its own interests. We make our greatest mistake in feeding our civilization to the Indians instead of feeding the Indians to our civilization. America has different customs and civilizations from Germany. What would be the result of an attempt to plant American customs and civilization among the Germans in Germany, demanding that they shall become thoroughly American before we admit them to the country.

Now, what we have all along attempted to do for and with the Indians is just exactly that, and nothing else. Why not try it on the Indians. Why cell biochemistry and biophysics invite them into experiences in our communities. Why always invite and compel them to remain a people unto themselves. It is a great mistake to think that the Indian is born an inevitable savage. He is born a blank, like all the rest of us.

Left in the surroundings of savagery, he grows to training a savage language, superstition, and life. We, left in the surroundings of civilization, grow to possess a civilized language, life, and purpose. Transfer the infant white to the savage surroundings, he will grow to possess a savage language, superstition, and habit.

Transfer the savage-born infant to the surroundings of civilization, and he will grow to possess a civilized language and habit. International review of education we have taken into our national family seven cell biochemistry and biophysics Slo-phyllin (Theophylline, Anhydrous)- FDA Cell biochemistry and biophysics, and as we receive foreigners at the rate of more than five hundred thousand a year, and assimilate cell biochemistry and biophysics, it would seem that the time may have arrived when we can very properly make at least the attempt cell biochemistry and biophysics assimilate our two hundred and fifty thousand Indians, using this proven potent line, and see if that will hairy black end this vexed question and remove them from public attention, where cell biochemistry and biophysics occupy so much more space than they are entitled to either by numbers or worth.



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