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I went through a few more mops. And did more research. Finally i read a review on another mop which recommended the pads for this mop la roche retinol finally brought me here. I purchased it and was so excited. The day I receivedfelt like Christmas morning. I put it together g factor it was very g factor to assemble. It comes with 2 scrubbing pads and 2 microfiber pads.

They are easy to rinse. I am in love. G factor mop is sturdy and beautiful. I really love that i can use any cleaning liquid that i want. One day fabuloso, one day pinesol, one emotions g factor. I also love that i can easily wash the pads and reuse them.

By G factor on June 30, 2019 Images in this review 820 people found this helpful Helpful1. Verified Purchase I love this mop. I have a small cleaning business and find microfiber mops most effective. I use a bucket of warm water with for depression medication little solution and swish the mop heads around. I'm able to use a clean mop head at each house.

This particular mop is my favorite by far. It's sturdy, but also not too heavy like some. The mop heads work great and do not fall apart right away like other brands. I love that they are thick so I can use more water on g factor dirty floor or simply ring it out tightly for hardwood or clean floors. While mopping it will catch any pet hair, dirt or leaves that I missed when vacuuming. I'm thrilled it came with the scrubbing pads for extra dirty tile floors.

The price is also great. Verified Purchase G factor this when we first got it, worked great. Couple of weeks later g factor velcro strips came unglued and loose from both mops. Contacted seller first and was promised replacement mops. That was weeks ago and nothing has been delivered. DON"T BUY G factor PRODUCT. Verified Purchase I rarely write reviews, because I am time limited but I HAD to review this item.

I would Highly recommend, I actually ordered 2 extra soft pads because of my daily use. Verified Purchase After using a swiffer for a few years, I got tired of constantly having to buy new pads for it. Additionally, It always seemed to dry out to quickly and I didn't like all of the waste I was creating.

While looking through amazon, I g factor upon this mop. It looked like it had a great design, awesome support and great reviews. I can truthfully say that this mop is one of my g factor purchases. It cleans way better than the swiffer, both picking up retinol roche as well as staying wet longer.

Additionally, I love that I can reuse the cleaning g factor and feel a lot more eco-friendly. I g factor highly recommend this microfiber mop, It is very sturdy and has already performed way better than the swiffer I recently threw in the trash. I accidentally slipped the tube in the wrong spot and it NEVER came out. Update: the seller was kind enough to replace the handle and I can truly say I am happy with this product.

I have laminate flooring and tiles in the kitchen and it cleans them very well. I was able to use the abrasive side for scrubbing and then switch to the softer mop for a gentler clean g factor people found this helpful Helpful5.

I was also interested in microfiber since it can be machine washed and not thrown away like the swifter sheets I'd been using.



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