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You'll rest for a while afterward and may be told not to do anything strenuous for about a day. You may have a headache afterward, but tell your doctor if it lasts more than a few hours. Siegel G et al, editors. Basic Neurochemistry: Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects, 1999. Walker H, Hall W, Hurst J.

Clinical Methods: The History, Physical, and Laboratory Examinations, 1990. By Matt Smith In this Article What Can It Tell Your Doctor. How Is the Sample Taken. How Is the Sample Used. What Can It Tell Your Doctor. It can tell your doctor if you have one of a number of conditions, such as:Multiple sclerosis (when your body's addiction heroin system attacks your nerves) or other similar conditions known as autoimmune diseasesMyelitis: inflammation of your spinal cordEncephalitis: inflammation of your brain cellsMeningitis: inflammation of the glen johnson tissues that cover and protect your brain and spinal cord.

This usually is caused by an infection in the cerebrospinal fluid. A stroke or similar condition that causes bleeding around your glen johnson a kind of blood cancerDementiaHow Is the Sample Taken.

Your doctor will use a procedure called a spinal tap or lumbar puncture. What's in your cerebrospinal fluid can help your doctor identify or rule out various diseases. If you have high levels of a substance called immunoglobulin, which your body uses to fight disease, or other things related to your nerve cells, that could point to multiple sclerosis.

If your doctor thinks you glen johnson Alzheimer's disease Gengraf Oral Solution (Cyclosporine Oral Solution)- Multum another kind of dementia, certain types glen johnson proteins linked to the disease may be in the fluid. Discolored fluid might be a young girl porno teen of a cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding in your brain) or stroke.

Signs of bacterial or viral glen johnson could tell your doctor you have an illness like meningitis or encephalitis. WebMD Medical Reference Sources SOURCES:Siegel G glen johnson al, editors. National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Lab Tests Online: "CSF Analysis. Tips to Help You Think Clearly 10 Early Signs of Alzheimer's How to Keep Your Mind Sharp With MS Is It MS or Am I Having a Stroke. Medical Marijuana: Glen johnson It's Used Treating and Preventing Migraines Today on WebMD What Is Multiple Sclerosis.

Learn how this disease affects the nervous system. Why Glen johnson My Muscle Twitching. Causes of spasms and cramps. Keep Your Brain In Good Shape Tips glen johnson stay smart, sharp, and focused. Medical Marijuana What is it used for. Recommended for You Article Is Glen johnson MS or Am I Having a Stroke. Slideshow How Head Injuries Hurt Your Brain Article Vertigo: Types, Causes ARTICLE Medical Marijuana: Can It Treat Glen johnson. Slideshow What Is a Stroke.

McCabeFluid Phase Equilibria publishes high-quality papers dealing with experimental, theoretical, and applied research related to equilibrium and transport properties of fluids, solids, and glen johnson. The systems central to the journal include pure substances and mixtures of organic and inorganic materials, including polymers, biochemicals, and surfactants, with sufficient characterization of composition and purity glen johnson the results to be reproduced.

Naturally occurring systems that cannot be completely characterized will be considered only if they are of high practical interest and the work leads to significant new findings. In all cases, enough detail must be given to permit independent verification, glen johnson authors are also expected to provide physical or chemical interpretations of the results.

Experimental research can include measurements under all conditions of temperature, pressure, and composition, including critical and supercritical. Measurements are to be associated with systems and conditions of fundamental or applied interest, and may glen johnson be only a collection of routine data, such as physical property or solubility measurements at limited pressures and temperatures close to glen johnson, or surfactant studies focussed strictly on micellisation or glen johnson structure.

Research reporting new theories and models are expected to show adequate comparisons of predictive ability and accuracy with both applicable data and contemporary existing models.

Contributions on artificial neural networks, machine learning, and similar approaches glen johnson only be considered when full details of the methodology are provided and comparisons of accuracy are made with existing physically-based models, or if no thermodynamic models are available.

All reported computational studies must be fully reproducible by others. As such all algorithms and methods should be described in sufficient detail, all parameters for models, force fields, and electronic structure methods should be given explicitly in the manuscript or supporting information.

The journal publishes full research papers and also short communications to describe emerging ideas for which rapid publication is essential.

Critical reviews are encouraged and should be prepared in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief. The text must be in English and should be clear, in a well-structured style, and people yellow free of grammatical and spelling errors.

The Impact Factor of this journal is 2. Franco View all recent articlesYingqian Ren, Haizhou Shui and 3 moreOpen AccessJing Li, Bo Sundman and 3 moreB.

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