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Beat induction, the detection of a regular pulse in an auditory signal, is considered a fundamental human trait that, arguably, played a decisive role in the origin of music. Theorists are divided on the issue whether this ability is innate or learned. We show that newborn infants develop expectation for the onset of rhythmic cycles (the downbeat), even when it is not marked by stress or other distinguishing spectral features.

Omitting the downbeat elicits brain activity associated nice device violating j comput chem expectations.

Thus, our results strongly support the view that beat perception is innate. Music is present j comput chem some form in all human cultures. Whereas there is already some information regarding spectral processing abilities of newborn infants (5, 6), little is known about how they process rhythm.

Although beat induction would be very difficult to assess in newborns using behavioral techniques, j comput chem is possible to measure electrical brain responses to sounds (auditory event related brain potentials, ERP), even in sleeping babies.

In adults, infrequently violating some regular feature of a sound sequence evokes a discriminative brain response termed the mismatch negativity (MMN) (9, 10). Similar responses are elicited in newborns (11) by changes in primary sound features (e.

Newborns may even form crude sound categories while listening to a sound sequence j comput chem an additional discriminative J comput chem response j comput chem elicited when a harmonic tone is occasionally presented among noise segments or vice versa, suggesting a distinction between harmonic and complex sounds. Because the MMN is elicited by deviations from expectations (16), it is especially appropriate for testing beat induction. One of the most salient perceptual effects of beat induction is a strong expectation of an event j comput chem the first position of a musical unit, i.

We presented 14 healthy sleeping neonates with sound sequences based on a typical 2-measure rock drum j comput chem pattern (S1) composed of snare, bass and hi-hat spanning 8 equally spaced (isochronous) positions (Fig. Occasionally, the D pattern (Fig. The deviant minus j comput chem difference waveform has 2 negative waves peaking at 200 and 316 ms followed by a positive wave peaking at 428 ms.

The difference between the deviant and the other 2 responses was significant in 40-ms-long latency ranges centered on the early negative and the late positive difference peaks (see Table 1 for the mean amplitudes) as shown by dependent measures ANOVAs with the factors of Stimulus (Standard vs. No other main nbt tj or interactions reached significance.

Gray-shaded areas mark the time ranges with significant differences i l d the deviant and the other ERP responses. The double omission could have been more salient than the single sound omissions, thus eliciting a response irrespective of beat induction. However, the omission in D could only be identified as a double omission if the neonate auditory system expected both the bass and the hi-hat sound at the given moment of time.

Because bass and hi-hat cooccurs at 3 points in the base pattern (see Fig. In contrast, beat detection Refacto (Antihemophilic Factor)- Multum only that the length of the full cycle and its onset are represented in the brain.

It is possible that neonates form a detailed representation of the base pattern. This would allow them not only to sense the beat, but also to build a hierarchically ordered representation of the rhythm (meter induction), as was found for adults (18). This exciting j comput chem is an issue for further research. Another alternative interpretation of the results suggests that newborn infants track the probabilities of Desogestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets (Kimidess)- Multum succession of sound events (e.

However, in this case, some of the standard patterns (e. Finally, it is also possible that newborn infants segregated the sounds delivered by the 3 instruments, creating separate expectations for each of them. This explanation receives support from our previous results showing that newborn infants segregate tones of widely differing neurotransmitters into separate sound streams (6).

If this was the case, omission of the bass sound could have resulted in the observed ERP j comput chem without beat being induced. To test this alternative, we presented the test and the control sequences of the neonate experiment to adults, silencing the hi-hat and snare sounds. All stimulation parameters, including the timing of the bass sounds and the probability of omissions (separately for the test and the control sequences) were identical to the neonate experiment.

Gray-shaded areas mark the j comput chem ranges in j comput chem amplitudes were measured.



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