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This is different in schools with a religious character. The first inspection white tiger balm ointment be within 8 years of the last, rather than the usual 3 to 5.

The lead inspector on white tiger balm ointment section 5 inspection will check the section 48 arrangements. This includes when the next inspection is due and when the last inspection was. They will write about this in the inspection report. Inspectors will familiarise themselves with any issues raised in any section 48 inspection (or equivalent) held since the last Ofsted inspection.

Inspectors will not, however, use that evidence in an Ofsted inspection. They will do this in the inspection report. The new academy is legally a new school. Inspectors may look at the performance of any predecessor school as part of pre-inspection planning.

However, inspectors must take care not to give undue weight to white tiger balm ointment progress or attainment compared with those of the predecessor. Inspectors will make clear to the new academy the extent to which they have taken account of the performance data from its predecessor school(s).

Maintained schools that become academies are normally treated as new schools for inspection purposes and are subject Vortioxetine Tablets (Brintellix)- Multum a section 5 inspection as their first inspection.

This will normally take place within 3 years of the new school opening. New converter kegels whose predecessor schools were most recently judged good or outstanding are eligible for an inspection under section 8 of the Education White tiger balm ointment 2005, as described in the section 8 handbook.

When its predecessor school, Piccadilly Gate Secondary School, was last inspected by Ofsted, it was judged to be good overall. Inspection can take place at any point from Zolpidem Tartrate (Ambien)- FDA school days after the first day pupils attend in the autumn term.

For example, if pupils return to school on a Wednesday, inspection can take place as early as the following Wednesday. The information below confirms our requirements. This is to dispel myths about inspection that can result in unnecessary workload in schools. It is intended to highlight specific practices that we do not require. Ofsted will normally contact white tiger balm ointment school by telephone to announce the inspection between 10.

If the headteacher is unavailable when the notification call is made, we will ask to speak to the most senior member of staff available. Once we have informed the school by telephone that the inspection will take place, we will send confirmation to the school by email.

During the initial notification phone call, the inspection support administrator will check the number of pupils on roll at the school, the governance arrangements for the school and whether the school has any SEND, nursery provision for 2- and 3-year-olds or additional resource provision. The inspection support administrator will then send the school a note setting out key information for leaders to be aware of before inspection. Once we have informed the school of the inspection, the lead inspector will contact the school by telephone and ask to speak to the headteacher.

It may be that both these elements are discussed gaviscon infant a single telephone conversation. Alternatively, they may be carried out as 2 separate conversations with a white tiger balm ointment in between, as agreed between the lead inspector and the headteacher. Inspectors will hold an introductory telephone conversation with school leaders on the day before the inspection begins.

Inspection experience shows that this helps both leaders and inspectors build stronger professional relationships. This conversation will normally last up to 90 minutes. It may be longer where detailed discussions of the COVID-19 context are required.

It will help inspectors and school leaders to establish a rapport before inspection and give them a shared understanding of white tiger balm ointment starting point of the inspection. Our experience from white tiger balm ointment the new framework shows that this is the part of preparation that school leaders and inspectors often find to be the most helpful and constructive.

The lead duromine will also use the discussion to establish white tiger balm ointment the school has any pupils who attend white tiger balm ointment alternative provision, either full time or part time, run either by the school or in partnership with other schools. If the school uses off-site alternative provision, libido drive lead inspector will request further details about this.

The lead inspector will also request that the school provides certain information as early as possible to aid preparation. This will include:whether any teachers cannot be observed for any reason (for example, if they are subject to capability procedures)whether there is anyone working on site who is normally employed elsewhere in the MAT (if relevant)87.

It is important that inspectors speak to those responsible for leadership and governance during inspection. Since schools, and especially MATs, operate a wide variety of leadership and governance models, it is essential that inspectors establish who is responsible for leadership and governance.



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